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Through Grow Free Tennessee, we provide survivors of human trafficking with a wide variety of trauma-informed services that offer pathways to safety and recovery, and align with the personal goals of each individual. 

Our Adult Services team is here to help; call our hotline
(865-292-0285) to make a referral.

how we serve ADULT SURVIVORS

Two-week, low-barrier shelter for adults who identify as female or are appropriate for female-oriented programming. The ERC serves as the triage center for establishing safety, meeting acute needs, and determining appropriate referrals for next steps.

Long-term, apartment-style transitional housing that incorporates an intentional blend of therapeutic programming and supportive, independent housing. Available for individuals who identify as female or who are appropriate for engaging in female-oriented programming.

Specialized care coordinators work with survivors throughout East Tennessee to achieve restorative success through collaboration & advocacy, access to resources, and community integration.

Through Grow Free TN, we offer community-based and in-home therapy, as well as referrals to appropriate mental health services. We work to ensure accessibility to healing and recovery, regardless of barriers such as cost or transportation.

A collaborative initiative with TDOC, launched in 2021 that serves women currently incarcerated within or recently released from Bledsoe County Correctional Complex who have a history of trafficking or exploitation. Through individual support, group programming, and therapeutic services, the goal is to foster healing and reduce recidivism.

The Sisterhood’s mission is to provide a non-therapeutic space for individuals with a shared experience that other’s don’t always understand. Our goal is to provide a space where survivors can get and/or give support to others in fun, interactive, and non-conventional ways.

Individuals participating in The Sisterhood will be those that identify as female or non-binary and have a shared experience of having been forced to work or perform sexual acts in order to obtain basic needs or in exchange for money, drugs, or other goods. While discussions about your past may occur naturally, it will not be expected that you have to share any information.

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