Teal “Poem” Shirt


Teal colored scoop neck t-shirt features a poem by Mari Evans.

Poem Reads:
I will bring you a whole person and you will bring me a whole person and we will have us tiwce as much of love and everything. I be bringing a whole heart and while it do have nicks and dents and scars, that only make me lay it down more careful-like And; you be bringing a whole heart a little chipped and rusty an’ sometime skip a beat but still an’ all you bringing polish too and look like you intend to make it shine And we be bringing, each of us the music of ourselves to wrap the other in Forgiving clarities. Soft as a choir’s last lingering note our personal blend I will be bringing you someone whole and you will be bringing me someone whole and we will be twice as strong and we be twice as true and we will have twice as much of love and everything.

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