Impact Stories: Brianna



At the CCAHT, we are committed to upholding and protecting client safety and confidentiality. To this end, names and some details have been changed or omitted.

Brianna was referred to the CCAHT by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and like many who are referred to the CCAHT for services, Brianna’s trafficker was her boyfriend – someone who, instead of loving and caring for her, exploited and abused her to get what he wanted.

In her early twenties and without a safe place to go, Brianna came to CCAHT’s safe shelter where she had hot, nutritious meals, a soft bed to sleep in, clean clothing, and people who supported her. She was paired with a CCAHT care coordinator, who helped her gain access to services like medical and dental care, equine therapy, and legal assistance – at no personal cost. In May 2019, she passed her Hi-Set exam with flying colors, eventually obtaining employment.

And after months of legal advocacy, Brianna was finally able to obtain an Order of Protection against her trafficker, making Knoxville a place where she could feel safe for the first time.


“Thank you so much. I’ve noticed a difference in myself these last couple of weeks and it feels amazing. I want to keep going forward and not look back. I’m so proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I feel like a different person and I’m loving the person I’m finding. I truly truly appreciate everything GFTN/CCAHT has done for me since we met.”