Alexis impact story

#shareyourstrides: Alexis’ Story

Note: Names in the following post have been changed to protect the privacy and safety of the survivors we serve.

Alexis: you may know her story already if you follow our posts online. We recently shared her story as an example of perseverance and success in the face of great odds and multiple barriers.

Alexis, you see, made many strides to reach freedom, and eventually opportunities for a new life. In the beginning, her strides were shaky and didn’t get her very far: she faced many complicated barriers, including isolation, manipulation, fraud, abuse, systemic breakdowns, and lack of resources. But she did not give up in her pursuit of freedom and justice.

With each shaky stride, she reached out for help, and eventually she was connected with the CCAHT. Those unwavering, courageous strides in the beginning of Alexis’s journey led her to opportunities for freedom and success. Once Alexis was connected with the CCAHT, she began making strides toward independence and self-sufficiency through financial assistance, access to housing, and an employment opportunity. With each stride, Alexis gained confidence and resources to move onto the next goal.

I’m so grateful I’m not in the dark anymore.

When Alexis was settled into her new home, and had some steady income, she took the next step toward pursuing her temporary Visa status (which she had lost during her experience of being trafficked). She was then able to pursue more gainful employment – huge strides toward further independence. Finally, with links to appropriate law enforcement agencies who could assist, Alexis obtained her T-Visa, a special Visa for survivors of human trafficking.

This enormous stride has opened many doors for Alexis. With this status, she has been able to pursue educational goals and has become a certified medical assistant. She now has a career, stable housing, legal status, and most importantly, she is free from harm and abuse. Each important stride, however small or shaky, led Alexis down her path toward freedom. CCAHT is proud to have walked alongside her and continues to cheer her on from the sidelines as she continues to make strong strides in her life.

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