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Courage and Progress, One Stride at a Time

“Stride.” Literally, to stride means to take a long decisive step in a specific direction. Figuratively, it means to step or make progress toward an aim or goal.

Strides. We all make them.  Sometimes each stride is arduous and requires a lot of energy, like when you start training as a runner or you start taking action toward making great changes in your life. Sometimes those strides are glorious and with each one you feel a sense of accomplishment as you near the finish line. Or maybe each stride is its own finish line, as each stride took energy and courage to achieve.

Strides, like breaths, keep us going; they feed us and nourish us and keep us fueled to continue on. Many of us take strides on our own, and we push through the tough days and keep coming back for more. But sometimes we need assistance to make strides and to help move the roadblocks out of our way, like a coach who encourages us, believes in us, and gives us the tools to grow and learn with each stride. 

At the CCAHT, this is what we strive to achieve with the services we provide. We walk alongside the individuals we serve as they make strides toward freedom and independence. Sometimes we hold their hand and help them over hurdles, but sometimes we just cheer them on from the sidelines. For one survivor, her stride may be getting out of bed each day, bathing, and participating in one activity that helps improve mood and alleviate symptoms of depression and loneliness. For another, a stride may be enrolling in a substance use treatment program and going each day, even when it takes all she has. And then for others, a stride may be facing their trafficker in court to testify against him, to bring justice to her and her friends who were victimized by his actions.

Each individual makes strides that are tailored to their personal goals and capacity. Our job at the CCAHT is to support them and help them decide what their aim is and what they are capable of and then encourage, support, and walk alongside them as they make their strides – big and small.

Will you stride with us?

Click here to learn more and register for Share Your Strides, a virtual stride-a-thon event to benefit the CCAHT.