Meet Amanda, Super Mom with a Cape

Hi, hi! I’m Amanda, I love coffee and saving the world. My delusions of superhero grandeur have only been exacerbated by being immersed in the College of Social Work at UT and the recent blockbuster “Wonder Woman.”

I first learned about human trafficking a few years ago while at a workshop discussing needs related to the international community in Knoxville.  For the last ten years, I’ve served the refugee community through Global SEEDS, a non-profit focused on education and economic development for marginalized communities. My experience among refugees fueled my desire to return to pursue my Master’s, but I had no idea that I would circle back around to be working at CCAHT.

As an intern at CCAHT, I have learned so much in just a short period of time. So far, I’ve attended HT 101, read one and a half books, watched 4 documentaries, and logged countless (just kidding, I have to count them for school!) hours of research about best practices for helping survivors of human trafficking.  I’ve helped write thank you cards, taken a Halloween picture, worked on training ideas for classes. And I’ve had some serious coffee from the break room (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone).  Oh, did I mention that the staff here is AH-mazing?

When I’m not writing papers for school, or logging hours at CCAHT, or working my day job, I am at home with my two girls and our hedgehog (his name is Peanut). We like to go to the gym together, cuddle and watch cheesy movies on Netflix, and find excuses to bake on the weekends (spoiler: it’s not hard).

I couldn’t have dreamed for a better internship than CCAHT.  I love being in a position to learn and grow and actually change the world. I believe the world can be better for my children and for all the children. Maybe I should get that cape out after all.