100 Men Strong

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Class of 100 Men Strong!

Why 100 Men Strong?

Many men in our community who are dedicated to justice and freedom have asked us what they can do to join the fight against human trafficking here in Knoxville and across East Tennessee.

100 Men Strong is a movement that unites men in our community toward this shared mission, providing tools for how to talk with your peers about human trafficking, strategies for raising awareness, and avenues to truly make a difference for survivors of human trafficking – men, women, and children – right here in Knoxville.

100 Men Strong isn’t just a program of the CCAHT: it’s an opportunity to recognize a class of men who will stand up and fight for change. It’s a chance to rally the men in your neighborhood, your faith group, your workplace, your club or team, and all the spaces in between to stand together and push for change.

How do I join?

If you are a man who would like to join the 2020 Class of 100 Men Strong, or if you know a man who you think should be recognized for his commitment to justice in our community, you can elect that individual to the 2020 Class using the form on this page. Nominations are upon through August 14, 2020; the nomination fee is $20, and the person you nominate (whether it’s yourself or someone else – or both!) will receive the following:

  • an email containing a digital kit of resources to help him join the counter-trafficking fight in Knoxville
  • recognition on the CCAHT website, in our 100 Men Strong press release, and in the CCAHT annual report as an ambassador for change, and
  • the opportunity to join fellow 100 Men Strong class members in exclusive events and involvement opportunities.


Questions? Contact Rana Zakaria at rana@ccaht.org.

Nomination Instructions

Please enter your own information under “Contact Information” and enter the nominee’s information in the Comments field as follows (even if you are nominating yourself): first name, last name, email address, and phone number.

If you are nominating multiple individuals, please be sure to enter this information in the Comments field for each nominee.